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What is a pesticide?

A pest-killer is what a pesticide is. Specifically, the word is an English noun in its singular form. It originates in the addition of the suffix -cide to the English wor ( Full Answer )
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What do pesticides do?

The idea is that they kill pests, usually farm pests such as locusts, weevils, wasps, flies, aphids and so on. The problem is that they also injure or kill wild animals, farm ( Full Answer )
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How are pesticides bad?

Yes pesticides are some what bad because of what they do, they kill insects. They also go threw the ground and eventually end in water making pollution... Some of the insects ( Full Answer )
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What is bio pesticides?

Bio Pesticides EPA definition: Biopesticides include naturally occurring substances that control pests (biochemical pesticides), microorganisms that control pests (microbia ( Full Answer )
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What if there were no pesticides?

Life would certainly be very different. Without DDT in previous wars, we would have possibly seen very different outcomes. Far fewer humans would be alive today because malari ( Full Answer )
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What is pesticides?

Pesticides are a collection of chemical or organic potions that will kill pests on plants, and also any other bugs as well.
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What is the alternatives for pesticides?

Lots of hand labor. There are some natural alternatives available, particularly for the home gardener, but they typically are not as effective and will not eliminate the need ( Full Answer )
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What is a morter and pesticide?

it is a paste prepared by adding quantity of water to mixrure of binding material like cement or lime and fine aggrigate like sand
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Is a pesticide an herbicide?

Sometimes. All herbicides are pesticides, but not all pesticides are herbicides. A pesticide is any material used to eradicate or suppress any other life form which causes a m ( Full Answer )
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What are Bio pesticides?

Bio-pesticides are pesticides that only contain natural materials rather than chemicals found in most other forms. Essentially they are environmently-friendly pesticides.