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What are pesticides and herbicides?

Herbicides are chemicals that kill plants examples include products such as 2,4-D and Glyphosate. An extreme example of a herbicide is the defoliant, Agent Orange that was use (MORE)

What is a pesticide?

A pest-killer is what a pesticide is. Specifically, the word is an English noun in its singular form. It originates in the addition of the suffix -cide to the English word p (MORE)

What do pesticides do?

The idea is that they kill pests, usually farm pests such as locusts, weevils, wasps, flies, aphids and so on. The problem is that they also injure or kill wild animals, farm (MORE)

What if there were no pesticides?

Life would certainly be very different. Without DDT in previous wars, we would have possibly seen very different outcomes. Far fewer humans would be alive today because malari (MORE)

What is pesticides?

Pesticides are a collection of chemical or organic potions that will kill pests on plants, and also any other bugs as well.
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Who makes pesticides?

Any of a number of corporations, including BASF, Bayer CropScience, Dow AgroSciences, FMC, Monsanto, and Syngenta, just to name a few in the US. You don't have to be a big che (MORE)

What is an organic pesticide?

Well organic gardening does not involve the use of pesticides, but some gardeners use soap mixed with water, or keep praying mantis's or ladybugs in their garden to advert pes (MORE)

What is classified as a pesticide?

A chemical that kills or deters any sort of "pest". Insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides are all examples of a pesticide. A "pest" in this situation would be classified a (MORE)

What color are pesticides?

All different colors, depending on composition and, sometimes, warning status. By the time they are diluted with water to the appropriate concentration for field use, most pes (MORE)