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What is a PETAL paragraph?

P= make a point that answers the question E= give some evidence (a quotation) to back up your point T = name the technique used by the writer in the quote A= analyse the techn (MORE)

What does the petal of a flower do?

My science book says... that the petal is used to attract pollinators. The purpose of petals is to attract insects or other animals to the flower. based of the information ab (MORE)
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How mony rose petals are on a rose?

The answers really vary. There are about 40 to 80 petals. The better roses have more. Check out the ones from Rose Source as you'll see the petals look fuller and healthier as (MORE)
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What does a petal in the plant do?

Petals are mainly for show, reflecting bright colors like runway lights for insects to pick up/deposit pollen (and flag where they can feed on tasty nectar). Some petals have (MORE)

How many petals are in a mango flower?

Each flower of the mango plant (Mangifera indica) has five petals, but the number of individual flowers per plant will number in the hundreds or thousands.
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