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What is a petal?

Petals are the colourful outer portion of a flower. They can be separate such as in a Daisy or Rose, or fused together like an Orchid. Monocotyledonous plants have petals in (MORE)
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What does a petal do?

a petal helps the plant repurduse and to proteck the plant and any bugs that land on plant .

What is petal senescence?

Petal senescene is when cut flowers ,start to loose their petals.When you go to a flower shop;they give you a little sachet.It is intended to help promote more ,longevity in c (MORE)

What is an petal?

A petal is a part of a flower, a single flower has many/several petals - the petals are the colourful part of the flower we look at.

Are petals leaves?

Petals are parts of a flower, leaves are not petals for example roses has petals and leaves. so they are different.
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What do petals produce?

Petals do not produce anything, they are there as an attractant for pollinators (for the flower)

Why do daffodil have petals?

Daffodils have petals to protect and attract pollinators to thereproductive parts of the plant. The bright colors bring thepollinators directly to the workplace - it like ligh (MORE)