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Who is Pete Lungo?

Pete Lungo is the Chief Operating Officer of Creme de la Creme Early Learning Centers. They have them all over the country. He was originally with KB Toys as an executive. P (MORE)

When was Pete Best replaced by Ringo?

Ringo was offered the job and accepted it on August 16, 1962. His first gig as the new drummer was on August 18, 1962 at the Cavern Club.
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Why did Pete Best leave The Beatles?

Best was fired from the Beatles after their EMI audition for George Martin in 1962. Best showed almost no skill or "chops" on drums, and Martin wanted to replace him on their (MORE)

Who is Pete Maravich?

  Answer   he was a Serb-American basketball player known for his dazzling ballhandling, incredible shooting abilities, and creative passing. He learned at a very yo (MORE)

Why was Pete Best fired from the Beatles?

Best was fired after he failed the Beatles' audition for EMI's Parlophone Records, in the summer of 1962. Producer George Martin wanted to replace him on record with a studio (MORE)

Who is Pete Best?

pete best was a member in the beatles He was the original drummer that they had before Ringo replaced him...they wanted to get a record but the company said he wasn't good eno (MORE)

Why did Tommy Moore and Pete Best leave the Beatles?

  Tommy Moore was never actually a member of the "Beatles". He was drummer for the "Silver Beetles" from mid-May to mid-June, 1960, during the bands' ongoing drummerless p (MORE)

Did Pete Best play drums on any Beatles albums?

No. Best played drums on their earliest records (a total of eight songs), backing singer Tony Sheridan for Polydor Records in Germany, and also their Decca Records audition in (MORE)