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Who is Pete Lungo?

Pete Lungo is the Chief Operating Officer of Creme de la Creme Early Learning Centers. They have them all over the country. He was originally with KB Toys as an executive. P (MORE)

Who is Pete Wentz?

Pete Wentz is an American musician, actor and author from Chicago. He most well known for being a musician though. Him and his friend Joe trohman formed a band for fun and lat (MORE)

Who is Pete Rose?

Peter Edward "Pete" Rose (born April 14, 1941) is a former Major League Baseball player and Manager. Pete Rose is known to be one of the better hitters of All Time in Major Le (MORE)

Who is Pete Maravich?

  Answer   he was a Serb-American basketball player known for his dazzling ballhandling, incredible shooting abilities, and creative passing. He learned at a very yo (MORE)

Who is Pete Best?

pete best was a member in the beatles He was the original drummer that they had before Ringo replaced him...they wanted to get a record but the company said he wasn't good eno (MORE)

Is Pete Halat still in prison?

Federal Bureau of Prisons: Name: Peter Halat Jr. Register #: 20918-077 Age/Race/Gender: 68-White-M Expected release date: 04-24-2013 Current location: Butner Low FCI, Nor (MORE)

Who is Pistol Pete Sanchez?

Pete Sanchez was a WWF wrestler in the 1970's, when he won several tag team championship bouts.
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