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What position did Pete Rose play?

Pete Rose played all 3 Outfield positions but he had also played 1st base and he played the most games at 1st base. Pete also played three out of the four infield positions, h (MORE)

Who is Pete Rose?

Peter Edward "Pete" Rose (born April 14, 1941) is a former Major League Baseball player and Manager. Pete Rose is known to be one of the better hitters of All Time in Major Le (MORE)

Is pete rose still alive?

Yes, alive and well. He spends a lot of time in Vegas, where you can get your picture made with him, and get an autographed picture of him with the number of hits he had (4256 (MORE)

Is Pete rose in the hall of fame?

No, although he was one of the greatest players and hitters to ever put on a uniform he still to this day is not in the H.O.F. The sole reason is because he gambled on basebal (MORE)

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