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What do you do to be bonded?

Your first step in obtaining a surety bond is to contact a surety agent that is familiar with the bonding process. There will be an underwriting process associated with obtain (MORE)

Why did Peter write 2 Peter?

A: The author of 2 Peter goes out of his way to insist that he is Peter, as he not only names himself Simeon Peter (2 Peter 1:1), but stresses that he was personally present (MORE)

Is covalent bond the strongest bond?

yes and no. Simple discrete molecules have simple covalent bond and its melting point is very low because little energy is needed to overcome its simple covalent bonds. But it (MORE)

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What is English bond and doubleFlemish bond?

Masonry bond refers to the pattern of the bricks within a wall. The most basic is running bond, where all brick within a wall are stretchers (laid with the long, narrow face o (MORE)

What is a 'bond'?

Bonds are a form of indebtedness that is sold to the public in setincrements, normally in the neighborhood of $1000. In return forloaning the debtor the money, the lender gets (MORE)
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What is bonding?

Bonding occurs between two or more people when they spend quality  time together really getting to know each other.