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When did Helen Desha Beamer marry Peter Carl Beamer?

  Answer   My dad has a copy of a letter written by P.C. Beamer to his (my dad's) great-uncle, George A. Hausmann written on Oct. 11, 1917 from Hilo, Hawaii. It seem (MORE)

What are Faberge eggs made of?

It is an interesting fact that Faberge eggs are made of gold,  enamel, and precious gems inside. Originally, it was a closely  guarded secret. Inside, each contained a surpr (MORE)

What happen to carl faberge in 1900?

In 1900 his work represented Russia at the 1900 World's Fair in Paris. As Carl Fabergé was a member of the Jury the House of Fabergé therefore exhibited hors concours (witho (MORE)

What were the surprises in the faberge eggs?

Wound up toys like little peacocks that walk and fan their tails, elephants that trot, a golden egg yolk with a golden chicken, a singing nightingale, portraits, paintings, ro (MORE)

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