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Who was Peter Cooper?

Peter Cooper is famous for building the fist steam locomotive. He  was also philanthropist and an industrialist. Mr. Cooper also ran  for President once, but lost.

What is Peter in Portuguese?

The word Peter doesn't exist in Portuguese, so it doesn't mean anything. Sometimes the English name Peter is translated for the portuguese name Pedro. The same happens with: P (MORE)

Who was Peter Minuit?

Peter Minuit was a man who founded a few early colonies, and he isthe one that bought the island of Manhattan (present day New YorkCity) from the native people in the area.
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Who is Peter from The Bible?

  He is one of the 12 apostles. He was picked by Jesus to become one of the first disciples.
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Who is Peter pan?

Peter Pan (the character created by J. M. Barrie) is a boy who overheard his parents discussing what he was to be when he was a man but always wants to be a boy and to have fu (MORE)
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Who was Peter hedgemont?

The clip of "Peter Hedgemont", a man who is presented as having refused to accept a diagnosis of cancer and who dies on screen at the end of the interview, comes from Onion Ne (MORE)

Why did Peter write 2 Peter?

A: The author of 2 Peter goes out of his way to insist that he is Peter, as he not only names himself Simeon Peter (2 Peter 1:1), but stresses that he was personally present (MORE)

Who was Peter Stuyvesant?

Peter Stuyvesant was the last governor of New Amsterdam before he  surrendered it to Colonel Richard Nicolls, the first governor of  New York

Who was Peter Lalor?

Peter Lalor was an Irish immigrant, born on 5 February 1827, who initially worked on the construction of the Melbourne - Geelong railway line, but soon joined the gold rush an (MORE)