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Why did Peter Minuit leave europe?

Peter Minuit left Europe in flight from the Spanish. In 1624  Spanish troops occupied Wesel, Germany. Peter Minuit went to  Holland first, then came to the New World.

Peter minuit bought it for the Dutch from the Indians?

Manhattan. In 1626, Peter Minuit purchased what is now called Manhattan from the Indians, believed to have been Lenape Indians. In 1626 money, the purchase was equivalent to $ (MORE)

Who was Peter Minuit?

Peter Minuit was a man who founded a few early colonies, and he isthe one that bought the island of Manhattan (present day New YorkCity) from the native people in the area.
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Why peter Minuit is famous?

  peter minuit was the one that founded and created one of the 13 colony.The colony name is what is now call new york. he name it after the king of new englan and his name (MORE)

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