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How where Peter and Paul martyred?

  The Bible tells us nothing of St Peter's fate. However, in the epilogue of the Gospel of John, Jesus hints at the death by which Peter would glorify God( 21: 18-19) sayi (MORE)

Are Pat Travers and Mary Travers of Peter Paul and Mary related?

They were married and divorced many years ago. I don't believe that is true - Mary was married very briefly, had a child (Erika) and was divorced before being associated with (MORE)

What is the meaning of soalin in Peter Paul and Mary song A Solin?

"Years ago in a small town in Estonia, there was a shoemaker who lived with small family and he was totally dependent on the citizens of the town for his livelihood. Unfortuna (MORE)

How did the beliefs of Paul and Peter differ?

We do not know a great deal about the beliefs of Paul and almost nothing about the beliefs of Peter. What we do know from the Bible about Peter seems quite contradictory. Paul (MORE)

What car is on the cover of Album 1700 by Peter Paul and Mary?

Very little to go on without a front view, and so much of the car  obscured or indiscernible (60s photography and black paint doesn't  help). Based on the squared off hood l (MORE)

Are Peter and Paul the same person?

                                    No, they are two distinctly different people. Paul was raised as a (MORE)