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How did the beliefs of Paul and Peter differ?

We do not know a great deal about the beliefs of Paul and almost nothing about the beliefs of Peter. What we do know from the Bible about Peter seems quite contradictory. Paul (MORE)

Are Peter and Paul the same person?

                                    No, they are two distinctly different people. Paul was raised as a (MORE)
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Why is peter paul rubens importanat?

(born June 28, 1577, Siegen, Westphaliadied May 30, 1640, Antwerp, Spanish Neth.) Flemish painter and diplomat. After apprenticeships in Antwerp, he was admitted to its painte (MORE)

How where Peter and Paul martyred?

  The Bible tells us nothing of St Peter's fate. However, in the epilogue of the Gospel of John, Jesus hints at the death by which Peter would glorify God( 21: 18-19) sayi (MORE)

What is the reason why is it misleading to refer to a painting of Paul Ruben as Genuine?

Rubens had so many people working for him, imitating his style, that it is difficult to know whether Rubens even touched the painting himself. He would sometimes get another p (MORE)

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