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Is wild rice really rice?

Wild rice is not actually rice, but an annual water-grass seed. It is more difficult to cultivate and harvest than rice, translating to a much higher end-user cost. In the opi (MORE)

What is the ratio of water to rice for white rice in a rice cooker?

Long grained rice, including Jasmine and Basmati rice, is cooked, unwashed, in a ratio of 2:1, water:rice. Sushi and most other short grained rice is washed first, sometimes d (MORE)
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How can you turn minute rice into sticky rice or fried rice?

to make minute rice into fried rice, all you have to do is cook it  and then fry it afterwards in a pan with a little soy sauce and  butter. as for the sticky rice, this is (MORE)
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How do you unclump rice?

If rice clumps after cooking it is generally because the rice is very starchy. To remedy this you can pour boiling water over the rice to rinse away some of the starch, then f (MORE)

What nutrients does rice have?

Some of the nutrrients that rice has are dietary fibre, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Niacin, Protein, and Carbohydrates.
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Are wild rice and rice the same?

They're different members of the same plant family. What we  traditionally call rice belongs to the Oryza genus, while wild rice  belongs to the Zizania genus. Both are memb (MORE)

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