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Who is Rowley Habib?

Rowley Habib is a playwright, poet and fiction writer whose first works were published in New Zealand and overseas in the 1950s.
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Why do greg and rowley break up in diary of a wimpy kid?

Greg get's in trouble while wearing one of Rowley's jackets so they think Rowley did it Rowley is suspended from Safety Patrol While walking home Greg tells Rowley that he did (MORE)

How do you pronounce Rowley?

Rowley has at least two pronounciations. The first and most common is R-OWL-LEE (pronounce the row as in "to have a row"). The second, lesser known, is R-OH-LEE (pronounce the (MORE)

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Why arent greg and rowley friends?

in the diary of a wimpy kid the ugly truth,rowely and greg arent friends cause they got into a fight
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How does rowley get stuck in the slide on poptropica?

he gets stuck when you refill your popcorn and then spill it or dump it then he will go to the slide and get stuck a shout out to my friend martina p.
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When where and how was Peter called?

There were three accounts of the calling of Peter   At the seashore;   Matthew: "And Jesus, walking by the sea of Galilee, saw two brethren, Simon called Peter, and (MORE)

How do you get inside rowleys house on Poptropica?

OKAY OKAY OKAY to get inside rowleys house on poptropica you have to jump on rowleys dads car and go in the bushes and hide then when rowleys dads backs turned sneak into the (MORE)