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Who is David E Rowley?

  David E Rowley is the author of the One Act play "In need of Care" and the book "The Ebenezer".   "In Need of Care" is often performed as part of small local drama fe (MORE)

Who is Rowley Habib?

Rowley Habib is a playwright, poet and fiction writer whose first works were published in New Zealand and overseas in the 1950s.
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Where is rowley on Wimpy Wonderland?

Rowley Jefferson lives two houses left of Greg on Surrey Street. You first see Rowley when Manny swipes his rumble bike. Later, after you open Greg's locker at the school (MORE)

How do you pronounce Rowley?

Rowley has at least two pronounciations. The first and most common is R-OWL-LEE (pronounce the row as in "to have a row"). The second, lesser known, is R-OH-LEE (pronounce the (MORE)

How do you get Rowley out of the slide on wimpy boardwalk?

At the beach, go to the man taking souvenir photos and tell him that you have no money. He'll take the picture anyway then he gives you some sunblock. Go to the hairy guy on t (MORE)

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