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What is the Peter Principle?

When you are promoted to a level that is above your ability. The Peter Principle states that an employee will be progressively promoted based on their skills until they reach (MORE)

Who is black Peter?

Before elves and eight tiny reindeer, St. Nicholas had a much more menacing assistant. Named Black Peter, this companion was the physical opposite of St. Nicholas. Tall and ga (MORE)

What is salt peter?

Chemically, it is potassium nitrate. I've used it in corning beef, as it provides the pink color. In myth and legend, it prevents men from functioning sexually, but that IS ju (MORE)

What did Peter the disciple do?

  Peter followed Jesus for 3 years until his cruxifiction. He continued spreading the gospel until he was also cruxified. Stating he did not deserve to die like Jesus, he (MORE)

Who is Peter cayce?

Peter Cayce is a writer and researcher -- some have even called him a 21st Century Philosopher -- who studies and evaluates psychics and psychic phenomenon as well as various (MORE)

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Who is Peter Cetera?

  Peter Cetera was the lead singer and bass player of the band CHICAGO. In 1985 he left the band and started a solo project.
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Who was Peter Minuet?

  Answer   Peter Minuet was the person who purchased Manhattan for 24$.
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When where and how was Peter called?

There were three accounts of the calling of Peter   At the seashore;   Matthew: "And Jesus, walking by the sea of Galilee, saw two brethren, Simon called Peter, and (MORE)