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Did john Lennon kill Stuart sutcliffe?

The idea was suggested in The Lives of John Lennon by Albert Goldman, and was repeated by one of Sutcliffe's siblings later, that a drunk or crazed Lennon was the source of th (MORE)

Who was Stuart Sutcliffe?

He was the original bass player for the Beatles. (McCartney originally played guitar.) Sutcliffe left in 1961 and returned to Art school in Hamburg.   Stuart Sutcliffe died (MORE)

How did Stuart Sutcliffe from the Beatles die?

Stuart Sutcliffe died of a brain haemorrhage in Hamburg on April 10th 1962 - after suffering for several years from serious migraines and apparent bouts of schizophrenic behav (MORE)

Why did Stuart Sutcliffe leave the Beatles?

Honestly Sutcliffe was never really interesting in music as a long-term career He was a talented painter and wanted to pursue that more He had also become very involved and e (MORE)

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Why did Peter write 2 Peter?

A: The author of 2 Peter goes out of his way to insist that he is Peter, as he not only names himself Simeon Peter (2 Peter 1:1), but stresses that he was personally present (MORE)