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What is the main subjects in petrochemical engineering?

In petrochemical engineering, you will study the hydrocarbons mainly and the processes needed to extract the raw hydrocarbons. You will also study how those can be processed i (MORE)
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Do petrochemicals come from coal?

Petrochemicals come from petroleum -Oil. However, some chemicals extracted from petroleum (petrochemicals) , may also be extracted form coal.
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What is the salary of petrochemical engineer in Pakistan?

Salary range of petrochemical engineer varies from company to company in Pakistan. Other factors which you also have to take in account are your experience and the level of de (MORE)
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Where are petrochemicals obtained from?

petrochemicals are obtained from petroleum.petroleum is obtained from other fossil fuels such as coal or natural gas.
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What are the two classes of petrochemicals?

The two classes of petrochemicals are, olefins, which include ethylene and propylene; and aromatics, which include benzene, toluene, and xylene isomers.
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