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What is a peyote bird?

The peyote bird, also known as the water bird, is a Native Americansymbol. It is not a real bird but is associated with life, wisdom,rainy seasons, distant travel and distant (MORE)

What is a peyote cactus?

Peyote is a small, green, spineless, button-shaped cactus that grows in Mexico and the southwestern United States. Its scientific name is Lophophora williamsii . The psychede (MORE)

How addictive is peyote?

Peyote is not addictive at all. When I lived in the Southwest, it showed up very infrequently, once every few years or so. It is a dried up brownish looking button about one i (MORE)

What is peyote?

A spineless, dome-shaped cactus (Lophophora williamsii) native to Mexico and the southwest United States, having buttonlike tubercles that are chewed fresh or dry as a narco (MORE)

Where is peyotism?

Peyotism isn't a 'where' unless you are asking where it is practiced, or where to find the spineless cactus that is the 'Peyote'. Peyotism is a 'what' and a 'how'. Sources: (MORE)

How is peyote bad?

Its only bad for weak minded and / or inexperienced individuals. It can be an awesome, mind opening, powerful trip. Peyote is not my favorite hallucinogen but its worth trying (MORE)

Can you homegrown peyote?

You can grow Peyote in your home. It does happen to be illegal to own in the United States however. A legal alternative would be for San Pedro, legal for decorative purposes o (MORE)