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How does peyote heal people?

Peyote is a very strong psychedelic, containing mostly Mescaline. Psychedelics can be used to explore one's own psychology, and can be used to change mental patterns. Healing (MORE)
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What are the desirable effects of peyote?

You will experience a deep connection with your environment and your mind will open allowing for new concepts and universal truths to be available to you. Nature will suddenly (MORE)
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How addictive is peyote?

  Peyote is not addictive at all. When I lived in the Southwest, it showed up very infrequently, once every few years or so. It is a dried up brownish looking button about (MORE)
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Is peyote in found in Colorado?

  Peyote is not found naturally in Colorado. Peyote's natural range is from part of Texas into Mexico.
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What is a peyote bird?

The peyote bird, also known as the water bird, is a Native Americansymbol. It is not a real bird but is associated with life, wisdom,rainy seasons, distant travel and distant (MORE)
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Where can you buy Peyote?

  Hello, you can Peyote and San Perdo buy cheap here. The San Pedro cactus are import from South America. LG-Cacti plants
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What type of drug is peyote?

Peyote Latin name: Lophophora williamsii; parts used: whole cactus (from which a hallucinogenic drug, mescaline, is derived) Uses: traditional uses include alcohol addicti (MORE)
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Army regulations on the use of peyote?

Per IMC 15 regulation 40-8, the use of peyote in religions practice is permitted so long as the user is registered through the chaplain and is used as appropriate. Abuse, as u (MORE)

How is peyote bad?

Its only bad for weak minded and / or inexperienced individuals. It can be an awesome, mind opening, powerful trip. Peyote is not my favorite hallucinogen but its worth trying (MORE)

Did native Americans eat peyote?

Native Americans who are members of the Native American Church, do consume peyote for ceremonies. Enrolled tribal members are the only people who are legally allowed to consum (MORE)