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What is phagocytosis?

Answer . Phagocytosis is the cellular process of engulfing solid particles by the cell membrane to form an internal phagosome, or "food vacuole." The phagosome is usually ( Full Answer )
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What is the process of phagocytosis?

Phagocytosis is the Invagination of solid particles surrounding the cell. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If we take the ( Full Answer )
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What is the opposite of phagocytosis?

exocytosis? (pinocytosis isn't opposite as it is virtually the same as phagocytosis, however only ingesting fluid/liquids rather than compounds)
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What is an analogy for phagocytosis?

The phagocytes are the workers on the cleaning crew; they go around eating garbage, unwanted debris and the bad guys in town (phagocytosis). Each phagocyte also has a radio (c ( Full Answer )
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What is phagocytosis and pinocytosis?

Phagocytosis and pinocytosis are types of endocytosis, which is theprocess of absorbing molecules into the cell. Phagocytosis refersto cell eating, while pinocytosis means cel ( Full Answer )
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What is phagocytosis a type of?

Phagocytosis is a form of endocytosis - and involves the cell membrane 'engulfing' solid particles.
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What is augmented phagocytosis?

DOES AUgemntation the bladder with illium for child reabsorbe the ceratinie and increase its level in blood also the urea ?
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Phagocytosis is performed by what?

APCs like monocytes/macrophage, dendritic cells like Langerhan in the stratum sp;inosum of the skin epidermis, B cells and neutrophils. First thing is recognize of PAMP and PR ( Full Answer )
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What are facts about phagocytosis?

Lysosomes are found in the phagosome which are involved in digesting the bacteria once engulfed. The phagosome has c3b receptors which bind to the antibodies on the bacteria ( Full Answer )
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What is a description for phagocytosis?

Phagocytes kill microorganisms by killing them directly or by killing the toxins they produce (acting as antitoxins). They are flexible so can engulf bacteria - this is called ( Full Answer )