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What is a phalanx?

A phalanx was a military formation of packed ranks of infantrylocked into formation with spears providing offensive and defensivecapability, and shields providing lateral and (MORE)

What are the strengths of the Phalanx?

well they are weakest when facing an enemy fielding lighter and more flexible troops If a Phalanx was attacked from the front, it presented a virtually impenetrable hedge of (MORE)

What is a distal phalanx?

A distal phalanx is the finger bone or toe bone farthest toward the tip of the digit. They are numbered one to five and left to right to distinguish them.
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What is the shape of the phalanx?

The phalanx was in the shape of a cube or square. Alexander the Great used this strategy to capture Darius' chariots with blades on the wheels. It would capture the horse and (MORE)

Where are the phalanx located?

Phalanx is a military formation first written about in Ancient Greece. The first depiction of a phalanx was on a Summerian tablet called the Stele of the Vultures (made arou (MORE)

Was Leonidas a Phalanx?

I think this question may be a bit muddled. The most famous Leonidas is probably King Leonidas I of Sparta, who fought and died at the Battle of Thermopylae. A Phalanx , mean (MORE)
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What can you do for a broken phalanx?

Whether a finger or a toe, fracture of a phalanx is treated through splinting. Only severe, compound fractures, or those involving nerves require surgery, generally speaking.
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What is an phalanx?

That's a rectangular mass military formation, usually composed entirely of heavy infantry armed with spears, pikes, sarissas, or similar weapons.