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When will phantasm II be released to DVD?

It will finally be released on September 15, 2009 by Universal.if you don't believe me here's the link:
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What is the diferrence between idea and phantasm?

idea-refers to your thoughts that complement to what your senses experience. It is actually real from your activity. phantasm-refers to your illusory and imagination.
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How do you use the word phantasm in a sentence?

A phantasm is an apparition that is usually called a ghost. Onecould write " Maryanne came around the corner, and immediately afog-like phantasm appeared in front of her. "
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How many phantasm movies were made?

"Phantasm" (1979) "Phantasm II" (1988) "Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead" (1994) "Phantasm IV: Oblivion" (1998)
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How do you use phantasm in a sentence?

I have no idea how to use phantasm in a sentence. Ha Ha Ha HA HAHa Or I thought I saw a dog out my door but it was just a phantasm. (I don't even know if it is a sentence) Doe (MORE)
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Does the phantasm kill joker at the end of batman mask of the phantasm?

No, this takes place in the same universe as the other animated shows from bruce timm (batman the animated series, justice league, batman beyond). Batman the animated series h (MORE)
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Where can you find reviews for 'Phantasm'?

You can find reviews for the film "Phantasm" from a variety of sources. Some horror movie catalogs and guides will have an entry. Failing that, you can try sites such as IMDb. (MORE)