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What are the criticisms in the film the phantom of the opera?

It is hard to say which movie or stage-play the questioner  means...there are several movies and several TV movies and several  musicals and several stage plays of the Phant (MORE)

In Phantom of the Opera how does the Phantom die?

The Phantom does not die. In all versions Meg Giry finds his mask on his throne; in some that is the final scene, in others she also finds his cape; in Webber's movie adaptati (MORE)

Where was the Opera House in Phantom of the Opera filmed?

  The entire Opera Populaire in the film was built by the movie makers, on separate stages and as separate exteriors. They said they wanted it to be a complete, sensual ch (MORE)

How old is the phantom in the Phantom of the Opera?

The musical movie Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera. This is their ages. Christine 16, Raoul 32, The Phantom 35. The stage play Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phanto (MORE)

Is phantom in the phantom of the opera is real?

if you read the prologue of the book it says that he was real. Plus the story actually could be true! The book is based on old stories of phantom and also facts of a letter r (MORE)

What is phantom?

1.a. Something apparently seen, heard, or sensed, but having no physical reality; a ghost or an apparition.b. Something elusive or delusive.2. An image that appears only in th (MORE)