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What is pharmaceutical care?

The treatment of symptoms or other malady with medication. At the same time, a senior pharmacist may be charged with reviewing medications to ensure there is no drug interacti (MORE)
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What are pharmaceuticals?

As an adjective: Of or relating to pharmacy or pharmacists. As a noun. A pharmaceutical product or preparation. See the related link for more information..
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What is pharmaceutical microbiology?

Pharmaceutical Microbiology is the process of keepingpharmaceuticals sterile. It is the study of microorganisms and theminimizing of them.

What is pharmaceutical aid?

pharmaceutical - drug or medicine that is prepared or dispensed in pharmacies and used in medical treatment. Pharmaceutical Aid would be a drug or medicine that assists or (MORE)
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What is pharmaceutical legislation?

pharmaceutical legislation are laws related to pharmacy profession,pharmacist,drug,cosmetics,practices & substances affecting health of human being & animals.
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What is a pharmaceutical dossier?

If any one want to know about pharmaceutical dossier and want to buy. pharmaceutical dossier then see or see. pharmaceuticaldossier.b (MORE)
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Is Pharmaceuticals a mineral?

No, 'Pharmaceuticals' is the name given to the medical chemical industry and products that they make.
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What is a pharmaceutical granule?

A small grain or pellet. Medicines that come in granule form usually are mixed with liquids or sprinkled on food before they are taken.
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Where can pharmaceutical book?

I'd think that a library or bookstore would be a good place tostart. Linda Hall library in Kansas City has an excellentcollection of books on every branch of science and techn (MORE)