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What does a pharmacist do?

Answer . Job Description for Pharmacist: Compounds and dispenses prescribed drugs in a retail or healthcare facility environment. Also responsible for transferring prescrip ( Full Answer )
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What do pharmacists do?

Answer: The role of pharmacists in the health care system is ever changing. Pharmacists monitor for drug -drug interactions, drug-food interactions, and drug supplement ( Full Answer )
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What is a pharmacist?

a pharmacist is a person who makes medicine and he/she helps you find the medicine you need . A pharmacist is a person who dispenses medication from a pharmacy (drug store/ho ( Full Answer )
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Salary of pharmacist?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the estimated mean annual wage for pharmacists as of May 2008 is, $104,260. This would amount to $50.13 per hour.
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Is a pharmacist a doctor?

There are different levels of being a Pharmacist. There are Registered Pharmacists and Doctors of Pharmacy. Each require a different amount of schooling. So, if you have went ( Full Answer )
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Do pharmacists travel?

As much as possible. We also have some pharmacists who work at several different stores on different days - those are called "floating pharmacists."
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What is the Environment of a pharmacist?

Pharmacists work in clean, well-lighted, and well-ventilated areas. Many pharmacists spend most of their workday on their feet. When working with sterile or dangerous pharmace ( Full Answer )
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What are a pharmacists duties?

Pharmacists distribute prescription drugs to individuals. They also advise their patients, as well as physicians and other health practitioners, on the selection, dosages, int ( Full Answer )
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What is a pharmacist mortar?

A pharmacists mortar is asmall ceramic dish which he use to grind various medinces to a powder using a pessel hence the name pessel and mortar
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Are pharmacists rich?

A phamacists' average salary is $65 an hour Being "rich" is a realative term. What someone considers richanother would not. You can see people in the suburbs with a nicecar a ( Full Answer )