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What is the scope pharmacognosy?

Most of the crude drugs are obtained from plants & only a small no comes from animals & mineral origin. Drugs obtained from plants consist of entire plants or their parts. Eph (MORE)
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Scope of pharmacognosy?

Pharmacognosy is the study of drugs and medications in their rawform. Pharma means drug an "ognosy" means the knowledge of.
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What is pharmacognosy?

It is a scientific and systematic study of physical, chemical and biological characters of crude drugs including there history, cultivation,collection and preparation for the (MORE)
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What is scope of pharmacognosy?

Pharmacognosy is the study of medications and drugs in their rawform. "Pharma" comes from the Greek for drug and "ognosy" meansknowledge.
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What are plant bitters in pharmacognosy?

Generally, Bitters are those compounds which stimulates apetite byacting on mucous membrane of mouth. For example, Momordica etc.
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What are the future scope of pharmacognosy?

you can be the part of academi and give traditional knowledge to your student as well as society. more over u can also join the research and find new herbal medicine. one can (MORE)
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What is the relation between pharmacognosy and pharmacology?

pharmacology like pharmacognosy is an outgrowth of materia medica.pharmacology is an branch of medicine & related with the study of action of drug where as pharmacognosi is a (MORE)
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What are the Scope and practice of pharmacognosy?

Pharmacognosy deals with chemistry, biochemistry, isolation, structure determination and bioavaibility and pharmacological aspects of natural sources, natural products and nat (MORE)
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What mean reverse pharmacognosy?

Reverse pharmacognosy aims at finding biological targets for natural compounds by virtual or real screening and identifying natural resources that contain the active molecules (MORE)