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What is a digital line detector for a computer?

The jack for an analog phone line (the "regular" kind, where you could plug in a $10 phone and hear a dial tone) looks EXACTLY the same as the jack for a digital phone line, s (MORE)
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Do police have a radar detector detector?

Police do indeed have Radar Detector, Detectors 99% of the time they're only used in Virgina, and Washington DC, or other countries. According to (MORE)

How does a glass break detector work?

A glass break detector is a device that, when active, alerts the  property owner when glass is shattered or broken. Sensors like this  are generally installed as part of a c (MORE)

What is out of phase?

Out of phase means that the sinusoidal waveform of voltage and/or current is not exactly in step with the reference phase. Expressed mathematically, it means that the coeffici (MORE)

Why gm counter is a counter not a detector?

A GM counter is a counter, and not a detector, because it counts ionizing events, rather than quantifying the amount and energy of those events. It has to do with avalanche (MORE)

Where can you have a lie detector test done at?

ANSWER: The only way for you to find a place are police department, government or federal building, but if you want to know if a person is lying to you, common sense, go to a (MORE)

What is an ir detector?

In IR (InfraRed) detector is a circuit that receives an infrared input, either in an alarm or as a heat sensing device. In an alarm circuit, using an infrared beam rather than (MORE)