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Is the phasor a time-domain or frequency-domain quantiy?

It is a frequency-domain quantity. In Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis by Irwin, the time domain is written as A*cos(wt+/-THETA) and the frequency domain is written as A*pha (MORE)

What is the difference between vector and phasor?

A vector is a physical quantity that has both magnitude and direction (x, y, z; or polar coordinates). A phasor is a mathematical quantity created in electronics to explain AC (MORE)

What is Phasor domain?

  Phasor diagram is graphical representation of various electrical parameters in terms of their magnitude and angle.
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What is the difference between Phasor and Vector?

Phasors are actually vectors but they represent something specific. Vectors can be used in many situations to represent anything that has magnitude and direction, and in any n (MORE)

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Why do you use phasor Diagram?

phasor diagram is nothing but the vectorial representation of time-varying periodic signals(most common are sine and cosine) , whose magnitude is given by the amplitude of the (MORE)
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What is electronization?

Essentially, It is a term used to describe the process of taking an item or process from paper-based form and electronically producing it. Mainly to reduce E-Waste and increas (MORE)

What is an electron?

An electron is a negatively charged subatomic particle that  occupies the orbitals around atomic nuclei, allows atoms to  participate in chemical reactions, is the charge ca (MORE)

What is the similarities between vector and phasor?

"Vector" is a description of magnitude and direction, and can apply to any quantity that has magnitude and direction, such as an aircraft's flight path. "Phasor" is a vector (MORE)