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What is the use of liqued phenol in phenolated calamine lotion?

Phenol is also known as carbolic acid, and is used as a disinfecting agent and topical anesthetic. It may be used to cauterize small wounds and is used in conjunction with cal (MORE)

Which is more acidic p-nitro phenol or phenol?

  surely para nitro phenol is more acidic than phenol because nitro group is a powerful electron withdrawing group such that it facilitiates the easily removal of protons (MORE)

Why can phenol not acts as the alcohol in esterification?

Phenol is acidic in nature while alcohol does not, the electron pair of oxygen of phenol becomes involved in resonance so not available for the attack at carbonium ion of carb (MORE)

How does phenol work against bacteria?

  At concentrations above 1% phenol has a significant antibacterial affect. Derivatives of phenol, called phenolics, injure the lipid-containing plasma membranes of bacter (MORE)
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What does phenol red broth test for?

Phenol red broth is a test that is differential for gram negative bacteria. It tests for three different things: the the ability of a microbe to ferment glucose, the ability t (MORE)
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What is molten phenol?

It's a chemical that's used as an ingredient in a lot of other  chemicals. It's shipped as a very hot semi-solid, and it can screw  you up four different ways: the hot chemi (MORE)
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What is phenol Contraindications?

Phenol is used as a numbing agent, and is contained in products  such as Chloraseptic throat spray. It is also used on irritated  skin to kill microbes and reduce risk of in (MORE)

What chemical properties of phenols?

All phenols are common to having an -OH group attached to a benzene  molecule. In pure form phenols are water soluble organic crystals.  They are also dangerous skin blister (MORE)