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What is Phenomenological singularity?

Answer . Singularity is when strong AI occurs everything will be possible thanks to that AI. It will improve itself recursively until it is the ultimate intelligence and in (MORE)
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What is the best description of phenomenology?

Phenomenology refers to the power of the human mind to recognize emotions and information gathered by the senses in the objects of consciousness and acts of consciousness.

What is phenomenology of death?

If death is the permanent, irrevocable loss of everything in this life, we say that the one who died suffers the loss. It is a tragic thing for him to loose all he has - his f (MORE)

What is a phenomenological community?

A phenomenological community is a group of people who have shared or like-minded relationships, values, interests, beliefs and goals. The phenomenological community does not n (MORE)

What are the limitations of phenomenological research in education?

The limitations of phenomenological research in education (or any other field) are limited only by finding participants to relate their lived experience to the phenomena under (MORE)
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What is eidetic insight in phenomenology research?

Eidetic insights are being constructed by the researcher upon thorough studying of the stories provided by the co - researchers. It is the ultimate learning, reflection of the (MORE)