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How did existentialism and phenomenology develop as a response to Hegelian idealism?

Hegelian Idealism was an organic dialectic, i.e. a wholism based on the notion that the world and indeed history is created as a series of distinct logical steps, one based up (MORE)
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What is the best description of phenomenology?

Phenomenology refers to the power of the human mind to recognize emotions and information gathered by the senses in the objects of consciousness and acts of consciousness.
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What is a phenomenological community?

A phenomenological community is a group of people who have shared or like-minded relationships, values, interests, beliefs and goals. The phenomenological community does not n (MORE)
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What is eidetic insight in phenomenology research?

Eidetic insights are being constructed by the researcher upon thorough studying of the stories provided by the co - researchers. It is the ultimate learning, reflection of the (MORE)

How does the phenomenological view of religion differ from sociological psychological or philosophical viewpoints?

The essential core of religion necessitates a deity or outside being/entity which is feared, held in awe or looked to for wisdom, guidance or comfort. The basis of most modern (MORE)