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What is dienes phenomenon?

Proteus is a genus of bacteria in the family of Enterobacteriaceae. Proteus species are famous for their swarming on solid culture media.   When different Proteus species s (MORE)

What is the plural of phenomenon?

The plural of phenomenon is phenomena. While phenomena is the usual plural of phenomenon, phenomenons can sometimes be used as well in nonscientific writing when the meaning (MORE)

What is the Eureka Phenomenon?

The "eureka phenomenon" was discovered by Isaac Asimov and described in his 1971 essay with the same name.  His theory, in simple terms, is that a person has both voluntary (MORE)
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What is Reynolds phenomenon?

Raynauld's Phenomenon is when the small vessels in the fingers and toes have excessive constriction when exposed to the cold or emotional stress causing the fingers to turn wh (MORE)

What is Raynaud's phenomenon?

Intermittant ischemia (deficient blood flow) of the fingers or toes, sometimes also affecting the ears and nose. The phenomenon in which, a disorder causing discoloration of (MORE)

What is a phenomenon?

A phenomenon is any occurence, fact, or happening that can be observed. The term is usually applied to something unusual or unique in some way. It is sometimes applied to a pe (MORE)

What is space phenomenon?

  That is a rather broad question.   I would assume that it is a penomenon that occurs in space.   by the dictionary a phenomenon is:   1. a fact, occurrence, or (MORE)
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Is phenomenon an adjective?

No, it is not. The word phenomenon is a singular noun, and the  plural is phenomena. The adjective form is "phenomenal"  (extraordinary or exceptional).
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What is love as a phenomenon?

There is a recently-published phenomenological analysis of Love !! The Nature of Love by Dietrich von Hildebrand "This book is by far the best philosophical work on love to d (MORE)
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What is a pathological phenomenon?

A pathological phenomenon is an markedly abnormal, excessive, or extreme occurence or circumstance. Can be found in many forms whether personalities, disorders, or even math e (MORE)