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What is phenomenon?

Something that is impressive or extraordinary; or any fact or thing, or event, which can be seen or otherwise observed, rather than simply guessed at or intuited.

How can I have phenomenon in a sentence?

Use phenomenon to describe something out of the ordinary like.. Hally's Comet which comes to pass Earth every.. like 76 years like: It was a phenomenon to watch the legend (MORE)

What is the plural of phenomenon?

The plural of phenomenon is phenomena. While phenomena is the usual plural of phenomenon, p henomenons can sometimes be used as well in nonscientific writing when the (MORE)

What is a cavern phenomenon?

Not an answerable question: what did you have in mind? Caves are individual but are not exactly "phenomena". Too many of them for that.

What is a phenomenon?

A phenomenon is any occurence, fact, or happening that can be observed. The term is usually applied to something unusual or unique in some way. It is sometimes applied to a pe (MORE)
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What is the phenomenon of capillarity?

As we insert a tube with fine bore in a beaker of water then water seems rise in the fine bore even above the level of water in the beaker. This rise is known to be capillary (MORE)
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What is the phenomenon of fog?

Phenomena is plural for phenomenon meaning A fact, occurrence, or circumstance that is observed or observable. Fog is a natural phenomenon in nature meaning exactly that. (MORE)

What is Raynaud's phenomenon?

Intermittant ischemia (deficient blood flow) of the fingers or toes, sometimes also affecting the ears and nose. The phenomenon in which, a disorder causing discoloration of (MORE)

Is phenomenon an adjective?

No, it is not. The word phenomenon is a singular noun, and theplural is phenomena. The adjective form is "phenomenal"(extraordinary or exceptional).