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What is phenotype?

The observable traits or characteristics of an organism, for example hair color, weight, or the presence or absence of a disease. Phenotypic traits are not necessarily genetic ( Full Answer )
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What is a phenotype?

A phenotype is the physical trait or feature of an organism that is the effect of a particular genotype. Flower color of snapdragons is one example of a phenotype, and the col ( Full Answer )
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What are Phenotypes?

The visual representation of a genotype in an organism. Examples: Blue eyes or Brown eyes. Eye color, blue or brown.
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The phenotype of an organism is?

The phenotype is the physical result of gene expression. This is different from genotype; genotype is the pertains to the actual alleles, and doesn't have to do with physical ( Full Answer )
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What is a phenotype expression?

phenotype expression is the outer apparance of the body like colour of the skin, colour of the eyes,colour of the hair , so on......thx..........with best regards...
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What does phenotypes mean?

The trait of an organism. For example, small ears, long arms, and brown eyes are all phenotypes.
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What is the phenotype of an orange?

Phenotype is what it looks like (its observable characteristics, its orangeness ), compared to the genotype, which is the actual genetic makeup. The phenotype of the orange w ( Full Answer )
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Is phenotype a Ee?

Phenotype is like the physical appearance of the character itself. Some examples would be: color of eyes, color of hair, how tall/short you are and more. It's sort of like an ( Full Answer )
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What is a homozygous phenotype and a heterozygous phenotype?

Are you talking about phenotype or genotype? Phenotype is the expression of the genotype. Genotype is what you inherited. Phenotype is what you see. Homozygous is the same. ( Full Answer )
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What is a phenotype-?

A phenotype is related to the outer, physical appearance of aliving organism; its' structure, how it functions and behaves.