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What functions do pheromones perform?

Pheromones are very important chemical messages that animals use to communicate to each other. Generally, pheromones tell animals of the same species a) the state of reproduct (MORE)
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Why do animals use pheromones?

Animals use pheromones because they need to find mates and they have to use their instincts to attract mates and keep away predators.

Why pheromone is called ectohormone?

Pheromones are called external hormones (ectohormones) because they act like hormones but on an animal different from the one that produces them. but this term is obsolete no (MORE)

What is a pheromone?

Phermone is a chemical compound that is produced and secreted by an animal that influences the behavior and development of other members of the same species.

How do insects communicate using pheromones?

Insects use pheromones to communicate with each other in two main  ways. One is when insects such as ants leave a pheromone trail for  other members of the colony to follow (MORE)
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What are the main types of human pheromones?

There are four types of pheromones in humans: Releaser pheromones, Primer pheromones, Signaller pheromones and Modulator pheromones. These hormones have roles in a wide range (MORE)

Do elephant release pheromones?

Probably, most animals do. It is even believed that humans do, but  we currently bathe so much that detecting them either "naturally"  or in laboratory tests is unlikely.
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