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What is the alpha phi alpha train?

  This is the Alpha's signature move where one leg raises and the arms move up and down simultaneously This move is the personification of a trains locomotion. It was deri (MORE)

What is phi mu?

Phi Mu is the second oldest greek organization for women founded in 1852 at Weselyan College in Macon Georgia. Phi Mu is known as a "fraternity" because the word "sorority" wa (MORE)

Where is Alpha Phi Alpha located?

Alpha Phi Alpha was stated in 1906 at Cornell Univerity.   The fraternity expanded when second and third chapters were chartered at Howard University and Virginia Union Uni (MORE)
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What is phi mu ritual?

  That is for the sisters to know and for pledges to find out.

Alpha phi alpha grip?

The Grip begins with your thumb. Firmly press your thumb between the other persons thumb and pointing finger. Retract your thumb, as if to throw up the sign, and put it back d (MORE)