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What is the alpha phi alpha train?

  This is the Alpha's signature move where one leg raises and the arms move up and down simultaneously This move is the personification of a trains locomotion. It was deri (MORE)

What is phi mu?

Phi Mu is the second oldest greek organization for women founded in 1852 at Weselyan College in Macon Georgia. Phi Mu is known as a "fraternity" because the word "sorority" wa (MORE)

What is the Alpha phi alpha prayer?

O Lord may the true spirit of the fraternity rule our hearts, guide our thoughts and control our lives so that we may become through thee servants of all.
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Is Eric Holder a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity?

Eric Holder is a member of The Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Alpha  Phi Alpha is one of the most famous organizations for  African-Americans.
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Why are alpha phi alpha ice cold?

      Because Alpha Phi Alpha puts the freeze on all other fraternities....And it was founded on an ice cold Tuesday, December 4, 1906.
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What are the first ten chapters of alpha phi alpha fraternity?

  Alpha-Cornell   Beta- Howard   Gamma- Virgina Union   Delta- University of Toronto/ Moved 1939 Huston-Tillotson College   Epsilon- Michigan University   Z (MORE)

Alpha epsilon phi?

Alpha Epsilon Phi is a sorority founded by seven Jewish women on  October 24, 1909 at Barnard College in Harlem, New York City. It is  a national sorority and has many chapt (MORE)