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Who was Captain Phil Harris' wife?

He was married and divorced twice. His first wife's name was Mary. She is the mother of Josh and Jake. The second wife's name has not been published. Captain Harris was not ma (MORE)

Who is Dr.. Phil?

Dr. Phil hosts a TV show where he provides advice and counseling for individuals, couples, and families struggling with any issue that they may be facing. His goal is to help (MORE)

Who is Phil Morse?

Phil Morse is an e-marketer from the UK but living in southern Spain. He has previously worked as a journalist and a nightclub promoter/DJ. There is a well-known artist from (MORE)

Is the Phil on Phil of the future dead?

The actor who played Phil, Ricky Ullman, (born Raviv Ullman)is  still alive. After Phil of the Future was cancelled, Ricky and a  few fellow ex-Disney stars formed a parody (MORE)

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Who is Phil Rizzuto?

    Phil Rizzuto was a second baseman for theNew York Yankees a major league baseball team he is dead now. After he was a second baseman he was an announcer for the Ya (MORE)

Was Captain Phil Harris married?

No, he was single. For up to date, correct information check out his official website under related links for this question. He Used to be married twice and he got Divorced (MORE)

Did Phil Mickelson cheat on his wife?

No, he did not. In 2012, an anonymous post was published to a  message board that suggested that Phil and his wife were cheating  on each other and that Phil had an illegiti (MORE)
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Who is Phil Collen's wife?

Phil Collen has two ex-wives, Jacqueline Collen and Anita Collen. He is slated to marry his third wife Helen Simmons this summer.
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What does Phil Kessel do?

Phil Kessel is the best hockey players in the league except that he  plays with sidney crosby.