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How can you contact Phil Spector in jail?

Phil Spector is incarcerated for 20 to life for the murder of actress Lana Clarkson. He is in Corcoran State Prison in California in their special needs ward due to his age, h (MORE)

What was the problem with Let it Be prior to Phil Spector being brought in?

If you're referring to the album, and not just the song of the same name, my understanding is that it was an abandoned project. The session tapes had been recorded in early 19 (MORE)

Which Beatles album did Phil Spector produce?

Spector did post-production work in 1970 on Let It Be (salvaged from the abandoned Get Back project of 1969), sharing production credit with George Martin (who supervised the (MORE)

Does Phil spector have childreN?

He has 4 I think, but only one biological daughter, Nicole, who was the last defense witness at his trial. He and Ronnie Spector had three adopted sons, Donte', Phillip, and L (MORE)

What will Phil Spectors day be like while at State Prison?

First he will wait in county for all the paperwork to be processed before he will move to prison, this takes about 2 months (my differ for him,since he's well known. Once ta (MORE)

Who bought the rights to Phil spector music?

we have researched and discovered that the rights to phip spector music was recently purchased by italian businessman sean c. ellis who owns worldwide resorts and several othe (MORE)

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Did don berlusconi buy Phil spector music rights?

through our research we have learned that italian businessman, don  berlusconi, son of former italian prime minister and mega rich  italian businessman silvio berlusconi, re (MORE)