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Sightseeing in Philadelphia?

  There is always the typical Liberty Bell, Constitution Center, Independence Hall and Betsy Ross House, but if you are looking for something more..."Philadelphian" then l (MORE)

Battle of Philadelphia?

There was a Philadelphia Campaign. It include an American evacuation of Philadelphia, a British capture and occupation, and a British evacuation followed by an American captur (MORE)

Are there subways in Philadelphia?

Yes, there are subways in Philadelphia. We have the Broad Street  Line which operates a north-south, south-north route. We also have  an Elevated line that uses tunnels as w (MORE)

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Why was the movie Philadelphia named Philadelphia?

On its surface, the movie 'Philadelphia' is set in Philadelphia. It  is about a lawyer who is fired from his firm when it is discovered  he has AIDS and his ensuing lawsuit. (MORE)