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Are there tunnels in Philadelphia?

  Besides subway tunnels, there are a few automotive and rail tunnels in the city. There are no underwater vehicular tunnels (like The Lincoln Tunnel) in Philadelphia alth (MORE)

What is the capital of Philadelphia?

There is no capital of Philadelphia, and Philadelphia is not a capital city. It was however, the temporary capital of the US before and after the Revolutionary War. It has a C (MORE)

What are nicknames for Philadelphia?

It has had several:   Philly  City of Brotherly Love  Quaker City  The City That Loves You Back  City of Neighborhoods and  Cradle if Liberty. 
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Who was Philadelphia named after?

It is named after Philasdelphos. Cleopatras 3rd son fathered by Mark Antony. Philadelphia means 'City of Brotherly Love' in Greek. From Philas= Brotherly love + Delphos= City (MORE)

Who is the governor of Philadelphia?

Philadelphia is a city rather than a state. In the US, only states  have governors while cities generally have mayors. As of  2016 the mayor of Philadelphia is Jim Kenney, e (MORE)

What is Philadelphia known for?

the Liberty Bell   the first zoo in America   Geno's/Pat's cheese steaks   Hoagies   Betsy Ross house   the Franklin institute   The Art Museum (where (MORE)

Why is there no east Philadelphia?

The oldest, original parts of Philadelphia border the Delaware  River, which forms the eastern boundary of Pennsylvania. That  leaves literally no space left for an area cal (MORE)