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Why is fort knox so famous?

Ft Knox has been famous for holding a huge amount of the nation's gold reserves, but it is also famous for the security for that gold.
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Does Fort Knox have gold?

I dont see any evidence that there is GOLD there However if THERE was GOLD there why is the GOVERMENT preventing AMERICANS or the WORLD from knowing whats in there SORRY FOR O (MORE)

Who is John Knox?

    John Knox was a Calvinist preacher who lead a religious rebellion in Scotland. He helped the Scottish Protestants to overthrow their Catholic queen and set up the (MORE)

Why did Henry Knox die?

  Henry Knox died from peritonitis while eating a chicken dinner. Apparently a chicken bone got lodged in his intestines and he lingered for two days before dying.
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What is in the vault at Fort Knox?

In the vault in Fort Knox, there are separate chambers within the vault. These chambers hold gold bullion, made into bars, and stored by the hundreds. Each block weighs around (MORE)

When did the Amanda Knox trial end?

According to Italian law, she was not considered guilty until convicted of Murder in the second grade (secondo grado). During the appeal process, which concluded on October 3, (MORE)
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What is John Knox most famous for?

John Knox is most famous for founding the Presbyterian denomination is Scotland. He was a man of the clergy in Scotland and was involved in the reformation of the Scottish Chu (MORE)
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Is knox gelatin the same as glycerin?

Gelatin is a protein product extracted from cartilage, etc. , an animal product. It is a mixture of verylong molecules. . Glycerine is obtained by stripping the fatty aci (MORE)