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Why philately is called king of all hobbies?

Another reason may simply be because world leaders and royalty like King George V, King George VI, Edward VII ( Prince of Wales), Queen Elizabeth, King Carol and Queen Mana of ( Full Answer )
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How do you define philately common stamps?

Issued in large quantities and used over a fairly long period of time. This eliminates the rarity factor of the stamps.
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How does philately increase goodwill and understanding between people?

The postage stamps of a country typically reflect their culture, heritage, history and customs. They show the things important to the country and the people that live there. ( Full Answer )
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How can you find value of a philately collection of Yugoslavian Winter Olympic stamps from different years?

Stanley Gibbons Balkans catalog, 5th edition, last published in May 2009 lists all Yugoslavian stamps, complete with useful information and color illustrations to aid identifi ( Full Answer )
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What does NH mean in philately?

NH means never hinged. It means the gum on the back has no hinge remnant and has never been mounted on an album page