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Is a 1 carat diamond good?

Of course it is. It is not really the carat weight but the quality of the stone. And as far as that goes, if it is given and received as a token of love, why should either of (MORE)

Why is Prince Philip not king Philip?

In the United Kingdom, marrying a ruling Queen does not make you a King. In some countries it does - a 'commoner' could marry the Queen, and become a king in his own right, wi (MORE)

When will good Friday fall on April 1?

Good Friday will next fall on April 1 in 2067. Good Friday has previously fallen on April 1 in the years 1763, 1768, 1774, 1825, 1831, 1836, 1904, 1983, 1988 and 1994.
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Is Stargate SG-1 a good series?

Yes, it is one of the best sci-fi TV series ever. The plot is very interesting, while the idea of aliens as a danger to Earth is already a very well known plot in the sci-fi g (MORE)

What was Philip of Macedonia?

Philip II of Macedonia was a Greek king of the ancient Greekkingdom of Macedonia in northern Greece and the father of Alexanderthe Great.
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King Philip came over for good soup stands for what?

It's an acronym for: Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus Species which would be the organization of living things.
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Is a 1 ghz processor good for a tablet?

sure it is! as long as you don't mind not being able to multi task, long loading times and have your tablet freeze constantly.
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1 What are the two characteristics of public goods?

  Non-Excludability - Meaning that no one can be excluded from it's usage. Non-Rivalry - One's person consumption of said good won't prevent another's consumption of it. (MORE)

10 good things that Charles 1 did?

To be honest, I can't really think of ten whole things he actually did well, but here are a couple: 1. He was a very determined character and you could rely on him to help yo (MORE)

Who was the good side in World War 1?

Its a closer call than the propaganda of the war era would lead you  to believe, but the moral high ground, such as it was, belonged to  the Allies (France, Britain, Russia (MORE)