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Why did God say that the Philistines were bad?

God had made a promise to Abraham, to give his offspring a 'Promised Land'. God has the right to give someone any piece of land that he wishes to give them. Whoever resides t (MORE)

What are the Philistines now?

The Philistines were a sea people who arrived in the Levant around 1250 BCE and settled in the fertile coastal plains and foothills from the Egyptian border north to present-d (MORE)

What does philistine mean?

In modern usage, a philistine is a person lacking in ordinary values and morality. This meaning derives from the Philistines, a people described in the Bible in uncomplementar (MORE)

Is the Philistines the Promised Land?

The Philistines were several groups of sea-faring people who lived within the biblical promised land. The Bible states that these groups were destroyed, but modern scholarship (MORE)

What nazarite defeated the philistines?

Samson. Book of Judges; see where his conception was pre-announced and the angel told his mother to avoid all wine and strong drink, "for the child will be consecrated to the (MORE)

What is the relation between Philistine and Palestine?

The land where the Philistines lived was called Philistia (due to  the Philistine's residency there). After the Jewish Revolts, the  Romans decided to use the name Palaestin (MORE)