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Who is Phillip Randolph?

A. Phillip Randolph of 1942 was the president and founder of the  Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters and the nations most respected  African American labor leader. He organ (MORE)
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How do you get to Phillip island?

By car Phillip Island is an easy 90 minute drive from Melbourne. Travel along the Monash Freeway (M1) away from Melbourne and turn off at the South Gippsland Highway exit. Con (MORE)

Who was Phillip of Macedonia?

Philip II was King of the ancient kingdom state of Macedonia andAlexander the Great's father. His name is made up of two greek words, Philos=(Friend) +Ippos =(Horse), so his n (MORE)

What is the difference between Phillips Academy and Phillips Exeter Academy?

Phillips Academy (usually referred to as Andover) and Phillips Exeter Academy (usually referred to as Exeter) are two completely different schools. They have a rivalry against (MORE)

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What illness does Phillip Phillips have?

Phillips suffers from a kidney disease and is on dialysis. This has been a family secret and AI has worked to keep it out of the press for unknown reasons. Phillips is not fat (MORE)

What is Wilson disease?

it is a rare diorder of abnormal copper metabolism and is characterised by: hepatolenticular degeneration. copper get deposited in abnormal amounts in liver and lenticular nuc (MORE)

Who is dayja Wilson?

  Supposedly invented the first wig...but no one could really ever tell because Native Americans used them way before anyone else.
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What did A Phillip Randolph do?

Asa Philip Randolph was a leader for the African-American Civil  Rights movement. He also organized the first predominantly black  labor union, the Brotherhood of Sleeping C (MORE)
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Who are the members of Wilson Phillips?

There are three members of the Wilson Philips, a popular musical group that began their career in 1989. The members are: Chynna Phillips, Carnie Wilson and Wendy Wilson.
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