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What is anarchism?

It can be defined as followed. Loss of Belief in the abolition of  all government laws.
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What is a philosopher?

A philosopher is a person who seeks answers to the questions of life. This person uses their intellect, their personal experience, and their spiritual/emotional body to step i (MORE)

What are philosophical beliefs?

Philosophic beliefs are what people believe in. People's beliefs are affected by their traits, experiences, moods, and emotions. Each person has slightly different beliefs bec (MORE)

Why do you need to philosophize?

You don't. It is perfectly possible, perhaps even common, to go through life without examining what you are thinking, saying, or doing.. On the other hand, philosophy begins (MORE)

What is the difference between anarchy and anarchism?

There is no difference. Anarchy means that there is no government. Any for of that word is still going to mean the same thing it just might be worded differently. Such as Anar (MORE)

Who was the Asphalt Philosopher?

Roland H Johnson III was given the title "the Asphalt Philosopher" in 1970 when he hitch-hiked and walked on an eight month travel around the United States and Canada. He beca (MORE)