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What is Philosophy?

Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems concerning reality, existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language. It's core aspects value critical thou (MORE)

What did philosophy do?

Philosophy is the study of the fundamental problems to do with knowledge and beliefs. Philosophy is closely related to religion because it's not something that can be proven, (MORE)

What is the philosophy about?

Philosophy is the pursuit of knowledge and understanding about human existence. It is the never ending need to understand nature, to understand the mind, values and morals, an (MORE)

Why is philosophy indispensable?

Since knowledge is not complete in itself and it can show a thing partially.Language is a platform for the knowledge to operate.Language can create a virtual world of its own (MORE)

Who is the Father of Philosophy?

Though considered some of the greatest philosophers, Plato,  Aristotle, and Socrates are not the Fathers of Philosophy. The  "father of philosophy" is traditionally consider (MORE)

What is not philosophy?

A philosophy is not a philosophy if there is no explanation to support the philosophy
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What is philosophy if not?

All human sense data accrues as experience.This experience is no way different from any animal.Human brain supposed to be more superior than rest of the animal kingdom.So coul (MORE)

What is samkya philosophy?

.Hinduism in its present form is rooted on 10 philosophical schools and 2 unorganized philosophies namely 1.Samkhya school- "consciousness, in an evolving primordial Matte (MORE)