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What is phlegm?

PHLEGM IS...... . Phlegm is a sticky material from your mucous membranes in your repiratory system. When you have a cold it might be yellowish brown. If there's an infectio (MORE)
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How is phlegm produced?

Your body excrets stuff... and it binds to bad stuff.. and then, your lungs expell the stuff out.. boo-ya
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What does phlegm do?

Phlegm helps to trap foreign materials such as dirt, microbes andpollutants from going further into the body. Phlegm comes indifferent colors from shades of green to white.
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How is phlegm formed?

Phlegm is formed when the mucous membranes in your body try tofight infections. Phlegm is made of mucous, dead bacteria andvirus, and dead white blood cells.
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Phlegm in throat?

Phlegm in the throat can be super annoying but in all reality,phlegm and mucus serves an important role in the human body. Phlegmand mucus acts like the oil in a car does; it (MORE)
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What produces phlegm?

The airway passages normally produce secretions which it uses to trap debris and using the cilia in the epithelium, remove the offending particles. During respiratory tract in (MORE)
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How can you get phlegm out?

You can try taking an oral expectorant-type cough medicine. Expectorants are substances that promote coughing rather than suppressing it, in order to bring out phlegm from t (MORE)
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How can you lesson Phlegm?

You can try an over the counter cough medicine that contains an expectorant like guaifenesin. Ask the pharmacist for help to find the right product for your symptoms. Always f (MORE)
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What if your phlegm is red?

That would not be normal, consult a health care professional, it could be something serious.
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Can you die from phlegm?

Yes, if it is thick enough and completely occludes your airway and you reecive no medical intervention.