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Who were the Phoenicians?

The Phoenicians were a Semitic people who established an earlycivilization - from about 1200 BCE - on the Mediterranean coastnear what is now Lebanon and western Syria where t (MORE)
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What did the Phoenicians do?

They did a lot! One invention is the alphabet. Many people think that the Greeks did that, but really the Phoenicians did, and later, the Greeks adopted the Phoenicians alphab (MORE)
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Where were the Phoenicians from?

The Phoenicians were a Semitic people who moved from the east tosettle in Lebanon and western Syria. The name 'Phoenician' was given to them by the Greeks - derivedfrom their (MORE)
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Phoenicians did what?

They created the idea of Phonics, or using sounds with their "alphabet" in order to dictate their spelling and also translation from the paper to the mouth. Besides that, the (MORE)
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What is the transportation of the Phoenicians?

Because there was not enough land to grow crops to feed all of the Phoenicians, they had to turn to the sea for trade. So they mostly used ships for transportation. I would ha (MORE)
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What were the Phoenicians problems?

they were not many scribes....and they needed messengers,or people who kept track of who died and was born to this world..........................(student of clifton)
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Where were Phoenicians from?

They were a Semitic people who probably migratede from the easternpart of the Middle East.
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Why Phoenicians were called Phoenicians?

From the Greek word for the colour purple, reflecting the Greeks'appreciation of the purple dye which the Phoenicians traded.