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What is an example of a phoneme?

Phonemes are speech sounds.    An example of a phoneme is the /t/ sound in the  words tip, stand, water, and cat. Although they appear to be the  same sound, they are (MORE)

What are phonemes?

Quite simply, phonemes are speech sounds. They are not segments of words like syllables are. An example of a phoneme is the /t/ sound in the words tip, stand, water, and cat. (MORE)

What is segmental phoneme?

: one of the phonemes (as \\k, a, t\\ in cat, tack, act) of a language that can be assigned to a relative sequential order of minimal segments - compare suprasegmental phoneme (MORE)

What is phoneme recognition?

Phoneme recognition is the first step performed by speech recognition software. It involves splitting the input voice signal and matching each segment to a known phoneme. See (MORE)

Is milkman a phoneme?

No. There are very few whole words in the English language that are made of a single phoneme, and milkman is not one of them. Phonemes are speech sounds, Milkman has seven d (MORE)

What is the phoneme tent?

I'm not aware of a concept known as the "phoneme tent", but if you are asking which phonemes (distinct sound units) constitute the word 'tent', then the answer would be 4 -- t (MORE)

What are the types of phoneme?

Phonologists distinguish between three main categories of phonemes: consonants, vowels, and diphthongs.   As a speaker makes a vowel sound, the vocal tract is unobstructed (MORE)

What are the phonemes in argument?

Phonemes are speech sounds, so the phonemes in argument are ar / g / u / m / e / n / t This may vary according to the accent. For example,in some parts of the US, the r is s (MORE)

Is a a phoneme?

Yes. "A" is a phoneme. Phonemes are speech sounds, and "a" producesa speech sound. The English language has 44 phonemes out of which 20 are vowels and24 consonants.
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