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What is phonetics?

Phonetics is the study of the sounds used in speech , how they are produced and so on.. Phonology , on the other hand, is concerned with the sound system of a given langua ( Full Answer )
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What is the phonetic alphabet?

The phonetic alphabet is used to make spellings clearer over phoneor radio - kilo for letter k, foxtrot for letter f. Police andother organisations use it to make sure that sp ( Full Answer )
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What are the benefits of phonetics?

Phonetics are supposed to help the learner with reading aloud. Basically, it is supposed to help pronuncation.
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What is phonetic analysis?

Sounding out words by separating a larger word into the smaller sounds (both vowel and consonant sounds and blends) that make it up.
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What is the phonetics?

Phonetics is a branch of linguists that is concerned with the waywords sound. It also studies how those sounds are perceived bythose who hear them.
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What is auditory phonetics?

Auditory Phonetics: The study of speech perception and how the brain forms perceptual representations of the input it receives during the course of communication
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What is the phonetic code?

1= C or G 2= B or V 3= N or F 4= M, T or P 5= J or S 6= K or L 7= Sh, Ch or soft G 8= Hard G 9= S or Z 0= V or D W, H, Y and vowels can be used freely.
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What is stress in phonetics?

Stress is the degree of force which is accompanied by a strong force of exhalation and gives an impression of loudness
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What is a pause in phonetics?

A pause in phonetics is often needed between words. It is usually typed in as %, but you can also use @, which indicates a pause in breath. At the end of a clause, you should ( Full Answer )
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What do you study in phonetics?

Phonetics is the science studying the sounds of speech: it is allabout the way you say things (articulatory phonetics), hear things(acoustic phonetics) and perceive what you h ( Full Answer )