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What was the Phony War?

After Germany subdued Poland, the war in Europe settled into a  long, quiet lull that lasted through the winter and spring of 1939.  Then in 1940, Germany launched a massive (MORE)

What rhymes with phony?

  crony, Sony, (something) knee... that's all I got   Pony Hagan Mathis Baloney
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Why is Columbous a phony?

Columbus is a phony because he got credit for what Amerigo Vespucci discovered. Christopher actually only found the Bahamas. Amerigo Vespucci really discovered America. I don' (MORE)

What is your little phony about?

I wouldn't want to ruin the book, but it's about Claire fighting Massie to change the ways of the school. She trys to get back at Massie for a prank that she pulled, and it al (MORE)
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What is a phony refutation?

To point out that a person who made an argument has done or said something that shows he/she does not believe one of the premises or the conclusion of the argument.

Why is holden phony?

There are several reasons why Holden is a phony. For one, he constantly talks about how phony the movies are and how much he hates to go to them. However, there is one time wh (MORE)
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What is is Phony pain?

Nerve disorder causes pain with no stimuli. This phenomena is seen  often when someone loses a limb and still has sensation of feeling  like it is there for a while
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