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How do you make a phonograph?

The production of a modern disc phonograph record is quite different from a cylindrical phonograph. I'll try to give a basic outline of the electro-mechanical process as it wa (MORE)

What is a phonograph?

Answer . The phonograph was the first device for recording and replaying sound. It was invented and patented by Thomas Edison, a famous American inventor. The invention o (MORE)

What did the phonograph do?

The phonograph was a device used to record and replay sounds from a cylinder, or later from a vinyl disc (record). As with the modern versions, the CD and DVD, the record r (MORE)

Why was the phonograph useful?

The phonograph has many significant purposes. It was used as a formof entertainment. It also was the first source for mediadeliverance to others which opened the way for today (MORE)
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How is the phonograph useful?

Well, in our era of digital sound phonograph is a great choice tohear real analog sound :)
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Where is the phonograph on poptropuic?

Is one referring to the game Poptropic? If so, one can find the phonograph in the Ancient Greece portion of the game. One should go to the top of the statue and then jump to t (MORE)

What are disadvantages of a phonograph?

The phonograph is a mechanical system. Dirt in the groove on the disk will cause unwanted noise. The disks are delicate and can be easily broken or damaged. A needle (or stylu (MORE)