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What is a phonograph?

Answer   The phonograph was the first device for recording and replaying sound. It was invented and patented by Thomas Edison, a famous American inventor. The invention o (MORE)

What did the phonograph do?

The phonograph was a device used to record and replay sounds from a cylinder, or later from a vinyl disc (record). As with the modern versions, the CD and DVD, the record ro (MORE)

How does the phonograph work?

Well, the the turntables and the Edison's function the same, I think. A person speaks into a horn, which moves the needle that makes wedges on a disc or cylinder depending on (MORE)
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What are facts about the Phonograph?

· Edison predicted that people would use phonograph technology to record phone conversations, dictation and final messages of dying family members. · Phonograph literally (MORE)
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What is the phonograph made out of?

The phonograph made out of various things. There are some parts that are made out of wood while others are made from metal and plastic. This is a record player that was used i (MORE)