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What is a phonon?

A phonon is a collective vibrational mode in an ideal crystalline solid. A single phonon is pure vibrational mode. It is direct analogy to a pure vibrational mode in a music ( Full Answer )
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What are optical phonons?

Optical phonons are phonon polarization modes with a minimum frequency, regardless of wavelength, which occur in crystals with more than one atom per primitive cell. Primit ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between electron-phonon and phonon-electron interaction?

Basic Answer: The terms "electron-phonon interaction" and "phonon-electron interaction" mean the same thing and one almost always hears the former and not the latter. In a ( Full Answer )
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What is phonon effect?

The phonon effect is the name given to pseudo particle which transmits vibrational kinetic energy through a medium. Vibrations caused by thermal energy within a crystal lattic ( Full Answer )