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Is Bishop Bernard Jordan real or phony?

phony People hear what they want to hear, he likes to speak on general issues involving wealth loved ones, business, and other things that the average person would be concerne (MORE)

What does the term the phony war refer to?

The Phoney War was a phase early in World War II that was marked by a lack of major military operations by the Western Allies against the German Reich. The phase was in the mo (MORE)

What is phony club in the game of bridge?

This is a convention allowing an opener with an 'opening hand' (12 + HCP) to make a bid, in the absence of a 'biddable' suit (5 card major, 4 card diamonds). This is an artifi (MORE)

Who was involved in the phony war?

The countries involved were Great Britain, France and Germany. The Phony War was actually not a war, but a lull in World War 2 which occured after the fall of Poland to German (MORE)

Is David blaine a phony?

Illusionist David Blaine has been accused of cheating in his latest death-defying stunt to hang upside down for almost three days. He was seen standing upright every time whil (MORE)

What was phony about the Phoney War?

The Phoney War was an eight month period at the start of World War  2, during which there were no major military land operations on the  Western Front. It began with the dec (MORE)